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Money should be kept productive and Profitable! Towards Your Future

Metabit-dualfund are steadfastly committed to achieving excellence in everything we do. We are quite proud of the expert level of our work.


We help people achieve their goals by thinking long term, from one generation to the next and beyond. That same perspective shapes our worldview.


Our founding principles still guide us today as we stay true to our ethics and doing what's right before what's convenient when dealing with our esteemed clients.


More than providing a seat at the table, we cultivate an environment that welcomes and values diverse backgrounds, opinions and experiences differences regardless.

About Us

Metabit Dualfund One of the top trading firms in the world, that has top-notch analysts that specialize in market trading. We always carry out our responsibilities with the highest sincerity. Throughout the investing process, we continuously search for innovative approaches in an effort to add value for our clients. The business has a long history of success, a strong reputation, and years of experience in the trade industry.

Our company's core values encompass professionalism, trust, transparency, responsibility, and perseverance. We firmly believe that these values are the foundation of our success and the key to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. Operating on a global scale, we embrace a modern and successful approach.
We are deeply committed to delivering satisfactory long-term returns by adhering to a disciplined and composed investment framework that is consistent, refined, and repeatable. Our pride in our services stems from our reputation and dedication to exceptional communication, accessibility, and client education. This commitment remains unwavering, regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional investor, a full or part-time investor, or someone new to the world of investing. Irrespective of the size of your investment, we fully dedicate ourselves to earning and maintaining your trust.


We work only with professionals that allows us to achieve high results and accomplish tasks.


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We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake. Investing with a reliable company you reduce risks and save the high level of interest rates.

Dedicated Investor Definition!!

An investor is any person or other entity (such as a firm or mutual fund) who commits capital with the expectation of receiving financial returns.

Investors rely on different financial instruments to earn a rate of return and accomplish important financial objectives like building retirement savings, funding a college education, or merely accumulating additional wealth over time.


Minimum Amount - $100

Maximum Amount - $999

Duration - After 1 Day of Mining

Capital Return - YES

5% referral commission

10% /profits


Minimum Amount - $1,000

Maximum Amount - $4,999

Duration - After 2 Mining Days

Capital Return - YES

5% referral commission

40% /Profits


Minimum Amount - $5,000

Maximum Amount - UNLIMITED

Duration - After 3 Mining Days

Capital Return - YES

7% referral commission

85% /Profits


Minimum Amount - $10,000

Maximum Amount - Unlimited

Duration - After 14 Mining Days

Capital Return - YES

7% referral commission

200% /Profit


Client-focused. Future-focused.

From the beginning, our mission has been clear: Our business is people and their financial well-being. We are committed to helping individuals, corporations and institutions achieve their unique goals, while also developing and supporting successful professionals, and helping our communities prosper.

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    Our services are flexible per investor.

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    Premium client support, premium support team.

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What Our Clients Say

Antony. V Y

Since investing with Metabit Dualfund limited we have worked together to get a clear understandable plan for our future which gives us confidence and security knowing what kind of lifestyle we can lead.

Mark Bail

In addition ie have seen gains in my portfolio in a short space of time which is a reassuring indicator that am in the right place of investment.

Juan Anderson

All one has to do is to look at your investment to see how well it is being looked after. Thank you Metabit Dualfund limited.

Commitment to clients and commitment to society

In the years since, that firm has grown to become a leader in its industry, dedicated to and driven by a focus on independence, integrity, conservative risk management and always putting clients first.